The heart of Select First lies in the efforts of these individuals whose hard work and customer focused philosophy have got us to where we are today, one of the leading flooring marketing companies in the UK.

Myles. Part of Select First since 2002, Myles took over the agency from the retiring owners and added a touch of zing. The result has been an agency that has gone from strength to strength. With a background in the holiday industry, Myles often finds common ground with journalists and he is certainly a vivacious personality, which reflects his enthusiasm and commitment behind his desk. Email Myles.

Tom. Tom came along some four years later to take a little heat off Myles and to expand the creative side of the Select First operation. As the editor-in-chief of specialist flooring related publishing house for some seven years previously, Tom has a knowledge that puts him in a good position to liaise with editors and journalists on the finer points. His flair for writing and eye for design means he gets all the geeky parts of the job. He is the first to admit his love of spreadsheets and numbers is limited, but that's where Myles steps in. Email Tom.

Tessa. Tessa is a copy-writer extraordinaire and helps to shape creative content across B2C and B2B for the agency. With time spent as a journalist on leading interiors and lifestyle magazines, Tessa is skilled, efficient and knowledgeable. Email Tessa.

Toni & Sarah. These are the ladies behind it all, working hard to make sure that Select First is run as efficiently as possible. Expert administrators and both giving creative input through their love of home interiors, they truly are the unsung heroes of our operation. Email Toni & Sarah.

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