We've been making interiors brands shine for over 25 years.

Select First is a small and highly flexible, full-service PR and marketing agency that's been helping interior and built environment brands to stand out for over 25 years. We use our expertise to create everything needed to build brand and reputation.

Developing from a traditional PR company working in the consumer and business-to-business sectors, we have a track-record in every aspect of modern-day, multi-channel marketing and PR. We work with you to deliver tangible results.

How we work
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Fighting against Greenwash

Being a Certified Signatory of the Anti-Greenwash Charter is your way of knowing that we are fighting against greenwash in the flooring and interiors industry.
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Flooring manufacturers across the world are companies just like any other and need to take ownership of the impact they have. They have to be making the hard choices now to guarantee long-term future.

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Sinking Ships

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